DecTephra (Deception Island Tephra Record) database

The DecTephra (Deception Island Tephra Record) database, which compiles the published information on all tephra layers potentially sourced in Deception Island. Geochemical analyses of the sampled layers are also provided, where available.

The DecTephra database has been constructed based on an extensive review of 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 2 PhD theses published between 1988 and 2020. For a tephra layer to be included in the DecTephra database, its Deception Island origin needs to be confirmed (or highly suspected) based on the geochemical similarity between the tephra layer and Deception Island’s erupted materials. The proximity of the observed tephra layer to Deception Island, or to another sampling site with tephra layers known to be sourced at Deception Island, are also considered potential evidence, particularly if no geochemical analyses are available. If this is the case, it is clearly indicated in the DecTephra record.

Structure of the DecTephra database, comprising principal data tables (Sampling_sites, Tephra_layers, Major_elements and Trace_elements) and complementary tables (Sample_type,  Sampling_site_type, Region, and Analytical_techniques).


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