Deception Island

Why Deception Island?

Deception Island, discovered in 1820, is amongst the most active volcanoes in Antarctica with a record of over 20 explosive eruptions in the last two centuries.

Located in the South Shetland Islands (Antarctica) at the spreading centre of the Bransfield Strait marginal basin, the island currently hosts two scientific stations operating yearly during the austral summer season and is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Antarctica with over 15,000 visitors per year.



Since future volcanic activity on Deception Island is certain to occur, although the timescale and characteristics of that activity and potential related hazards still remain unclear, it is a valid and pressing cause for concern for tourists, scientists and military personnel visiting or working on or near the island.


Adelina Geyer



Antonio Miguel Álvarez Valero

University of Salamanca


Meritxell Aulinas Junca

University of Barcelona